How will Melanotan works for me?

Each person’s experience of Melanotan may vary, we know that people with similar skin types tend to get similar results. So, when you know what skin type you belong to, you can get a pretty good idea of what effects you would expect Melanotan.

We have divided the skin in five different categories:

Type 1 = What is sunburn?
Type 2 = Medium
Type 3 = Standard
Type 4 = Easy to turn brown
Type 5 = No tanning is needed

Below we have written down some guidelines that you can use
to find out their skin type and then also what you can expect to receive the power.

Type 1: What is sunburn?

This pale hue is the most sensitive to sun exposure. This group often burns and is never quite brown, and then pull it off very easily. They are also often freckles when they stay in the sun.

What to expect:

If you have lots of freckles, they will get darker before you get a browner color .. Some new freckles may also appear. Do not panic, this is normal and actually a sign that Melanotan works for you. Since your skin type is naturally pale, your loading phase be longer than for others. You need a fairly large amount of Melanotan in your system before the tone of your skin changes. Most customers with this type of skin begins to experience a change in their color around the fourth week.

Meanwhile, you will probably also need a moderate amount of sun exposure to achieve a deep tan, but you will definitely not burn you. Your Freckles also become less noticeable as your overall skin tone gets darker and darker.

Before you know it, you tan you always wanted!

Type 2: “Intermediate”

This group is very pale, but still have problems with the pigment. The burn easily and pull often, but may eventually develop a light tan.

What to expect:

Most of our customers belong to this skin type and Melanotan usually works very well for them. If you have freckles, you can expect these to darken faster than the rest of the skin (most likely within the first week). Although few new freckles may appear to occur. Your skin should start to darken around the third week after the start. You need a small amount of sun exposure (less than those with skin type 1) before you get the color you want.

* A helpful hint: Your face and your arms will probably get darker faster than the rest of the body, since they are exposed to the majority of sun exposure. To get an even tan, use a low SPF of these areas.


Type 3: “Standard”

Most of the people included in this category and relate to the people who are moderately easy to be brown in the sun. They often have freckles and also includes those who have little harder to get a tan and just tend to be “tan”.

What to expect:
Melanotan works well for people with this skin type. For those who have freckles like these will become darker before the rest of your skin tone. You can see a change in your overall shade for ten days, but for most people it usually takes up to three weeks. People with this skin type is usually not expose themselves to the sun at all to notice a difference in their shadow. If you decide to expose themselves to the sun so your skin will darken quickly to a deep brown color. It is important to remember is that every part of the body exposed to the sun exposure (face, arms, hands, etc.) will darken quickly. Therefore, if necessary, a sunscreen if you think that these areas do not match the rest of the body.

Type 4: “Easy to get a tan”

If this is you consider yourself lucky. This group rarely (if ever) burns in the sun and often deep dark brown tan. The peels are often and easily turns brown with minimal sun exposure.

What to expect:
Most customers with this type of skin does not need Melanotan to get a perfect tan. Instead, they use Melanotan as a way to get their tans without exposing his body to the sun’s harmful rays, or having to use messy creams. People with this type of skin will darken quickly and will have a very short charging phase. They will see results after just one week, but it can also take as long as up to two-three weeks.They do not have to expose themselves to the sun to notice a change in their shadow. Their skin darkens on its own without sun exposure or solarium.

* A bit of advice: If you choose to expose yourself to the sun anyway so you should use plenty of sunscreen and be careful not to be too dark.

Type 5: “No sun exposure is needed”

This group includes people who are deeply pigmented and never burn. They are insensitive to sunlight.They do not peel or freckle and is naturally dark without sun exposure.

What to expect:
People in this group who are interested in using Melanotan is likely a skin that albinos. While Melanotan never be used as a treatment or cure for skin conditions, we have customers who also have got a good result from doing so. It is really something worth considering and possibly try it but of course after consulting your doctor. supplier of Melanotan