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Below are just some of the questions that we hear regularly. Obviously, if you do not find what you’re wondering, do not hesitate to contact us. We do everything we can to make sure you get answers to your questions. – I have never taken Melanotanbefore. How much should I buy and how long will it last?Melanotan has two phases. During phase one, or “loading phase” you will take an injection every day until you achieve the shade you desire, it usually takes three to four weeks. After this, go to phase two, or as it is called “entertainment” phase, in that you take an injection once or twice a week just to keep the shadow that you have already achieved.

Most need to buy a 30 or 50 mg packets for the first time, depending on their weight.

– Strong sun exposure makes the darker tone dramatically.
– If you decide to stop taking Melanotan so the color you need to slowly fade away in about three months.

– How do I mix Melanotan?

The first step is to cut a notch on the top of the water tank, so as to have the small scratches. This step facilitates the break. This occurs, for example, with a dinner knife, scissors or nail file, etc.

Winding then into the water reservoir in a towel and gently tap the top of it.

Then pull up the water with one of the supplied injection tools from the open water. The syringe is inserted then in the middle of the small circle on the gray rubber cap that sits on Melanotanbehållaren.After pressing the needle injects it into the water to be drawn. Then the syringe does not hold all the water will be to repeat the procedure until the man came up all the water. We also need to tilt it to bring up all the water.


– How do I know how much Melanotan I take a dose?

It depends on your body weight. Look under the “dos” and we will help you to find the dose you should be on.

– Where should I inject Melanotan?

You can actually do this anywhere on the body where you have a higher percentage of fat. But most choose to inject in the area around the belly. .
The important thing to remember is to rotate injection sites. Suffice few centimeters in each direction each time to vary the sites.

– When will I start seeing results?

You should notice a change in the tone of the skin for three to four weeks. If you have freckles, you can expect these to get darker before your actual skin tone becomes darker tone.

– Do I need to sunbathe to get results?

This is due to pigmentation, you are normally difficult to get a tan, you will very likely need to bask once a week at the beginning of your intake. However, we recommend that you halve the normal time as a regular sunbathing.

Have you though very easy to get a tan, you should start to notice results without having to expose themselves to the sun, but there are no disadvantages to combine the intake of moderate consumption solarium.

– How long remains my tan after I stopped using Melanotan?

If you stop using Melanotan your color gradually disappear, just like a natural tan. It takes about three months before the paint is completely gone.

Most people, however, prefer to instead to allow the color to disappear and then having to go through the “upload” phase again, they switch to something called “maintenance” where they take injections once or twice a week, and so way keeps the skin color they achieved.

– Can I combine the Melanotan with my other medications?

Melanotan has not at any study proved dangerous or inappropriate to interfere with other medications, herbs or vitamins.

But of course, if you are concerned combined with certain medications, you should consult your doctor.

– What are the side effects of Melanotan?

As with all drugs, there are side effects you should know before you decide to use Melanotan.

About two in 10 people experience the following side effects:

  1. Nausea
  2. Redness (only after the first injection)
    These side effects are usually only noticeable during the first few days of intake and then slowly over each of the body become accustomed to the preparation.

Other common “side effects” which, however, most users of Melanotan see as positive is that you get a reduction of appetite and also an increase in sex drive.

– How Melanotan stored?

Storage of Melanotan is very important, otherwise you risk that the product slowly decomposes and becomes ineffective.

The only real storage of Melanotan cools, it should never be careless with. An unmixed product is at the right storage shelf life of 1-2 years, while only in mixed form have a shelf life of six to ten weeks, why not mix more than one bottle at a time.

– Do you send orders in discreet packaging?

All orders are shipped in discreet packaging with a discreet sender. It is not in any way what the item from us contains. – What shipping method do you have and what does it cost? We send out orders by mail and shipping costs are 50, -, you want to have the item sent in the way so that you get a tracking number from us and follow the transport route for you as it costs 150 – – What if I’m not satisfied the product (s) I buy? Since not all react in the same way for each medication, it may be that you need a different product. Contact us and we will replace your product. If we can not find a product that works for you, you will get your money back! – How long does it take to get my order? After we receive your payment, we will send out your order within 3 days. After that it takes for customers in Sweden about 5 working days to receive their orders. For our customers in the rest of Europe that the delivery is made up to 7 days.